Our Lamprais

Lamprais is still a much in demand meal that mixed ethnic groups of Dutch, Portuguese, and Sinhalese came up with (although the Dutch probably never thought of it the way we do in Sri Lanka)
These debate about where the word originated. It could be from
the Dutch words lomprijst, loosely translating to a 'packet of food', or klomprijst or klomp (lump) and rijst (rice).

Traditional lamprais has seven items each with their own combination of spices, too many to list - even the rice is cooked in stock infused with spices that permeate the entire meal.
At The Hopper Pan, we take the liberty of adding an egg as we agree with gourmet Chef Charles that it enhances and brings together the flavours in the packet. (Please note: until the corona virus situation abates, we may substitute the green banana curry with potato as we cannot go to the proper market - this applies to the banana leaves too). 

Our goal is to provide you with lamprais, a gastronomic “packet of food” which maintains the traditional qualities of this mixed ethnic delicacy, but with an Australian flair. We have adjusted the traditionally searing heat of chilli to allow the wonderful flavors of lamprais to be fully experienced. 

At the Hopper Pan, we believe that food, like language, needs to evolve and we look forward to serving not only traditional flavors but also modern variations which those with a sophisticated, discerning and eclectic palate will appreciate.

As it is time consuming and complex, the preparation of lamprais is a labour of love. We are very appreciative of your enthusiastic and positive feedback and repeat orders and look forward to cooking for you with love in the future.

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