Hoppers and Catering

*Please note, we now only make hoppers for onsite catering as we believe the best way to enjoy our hoppers is hot and fresh from the hopper pan.

Onsite catering has a minimum spend of $1000. 

Our package is $35 per head at a minimum of 25 people. 
This includes the following;
Unlimited plain hoppers
2 egg hoppers pp
Choice of 2 curries (chicken, beef, fish, lamb, pork)
Seeni Sambol
Katta Sambol
Pol Sambol

(The above package includes 2 hours of hoppers, plus 1 hour for set up and pack down)

If you fall short of the minimum spend, we have entree options and plenty of desserts you can add so you don't have to worry about cooking for your event.